Bank-Grade Blockchain Technology

Stablecorp thinks in leaps. We use our partner network to create integrated financial products powered by blockchain technology that are objectively better than what the traditional finance world can offer.

The Challenge

Financial products and services available to consumers and enterprises today suffer from operational and economical frictions caused by the centralization of infrastructure and capital by a handful of financial institutions. The lack of interoperability between legacy systems and FinTech innovations stagnates speed and increases the costs of scaling any meaningfully practical applications that can improve payments and cross-border settlements. That’s why we decided it’s time for a step function change.

Our Solution

Stablecorp is a financial technology company defined by the global need for a comprehensive ecosystem that takes the best of the next generation of financial services technologies and the best of the regulated finance world and produces a hybrid infrastructure model that is a step function better than each individually.

Stablecorp’s ecosystem facilitates seamless connectivity between our bank-grade FinTech solutions and industry-leading partner products enabling you to embed compliant and scalable digital assets-powered payments and settlements infrastructure – easily and inexpensively.
Julie Paterson
Paul Burak
Jean Desgagne
Chairman of the Board
Kesem Frank
Fred Pye
Valeriia Voronina
Operations and Compliance Manager
Ross McKee
Legal Advisor
Sharanyan Satthiyaseelan
Grapes Product Specialist
Eugene Tay
Fintech Developer
Duan Kang Yong
Business Analyst

We Are Hiring!

Stablecorp and its partner companies are here to create bank-grade solutions to enable a more accessible, equitable and open financial system by innovating creatively on digital assets and blockchain technology. We are looking for talented individuals to join our teams across the Stablecorp family and help us build.

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